Activating Personal Power and Planetary Change
Lake Atitlán Guatemala, January 21-28, 2017

If you’re longing for deep connection to the Divine…
If you’re ready to awaken your power to create massive change, not only in your life, but across the planet… join Stacy Romillah for this potent week of transformation!

The crackle of the ceremonial fire and the voice of the Mayan Shaman bestow an ancient blessing of protection and purification upon you.

You gaze upwards and see the golden pink morning light emanating from the volcanoes and reflecting across the silken waters of this sacred lake as the mouth-watering scent of breakfast: exotic fruits, homemade bread, and honey-cinnamon stir your imagination.

You feel the anticipation of deep bliss and the rumble of personal power enlivening your body!

Where are you?

Standing on the shores of sacred Lake Atitlán, Guatemala with a community of heart-centered lovers of the Divine who have gathered to power up and create massive personal and planetary change.

Over 8 magical days and 7 nights we’ll be honing your skills, knowledge and abilities to create the life and world you want now and for future generations.

How many times have you broken your promise to meditate daily, or practice your devotion to the Divine?

The buck stops here. We’ll be steeping in this… every day.

Does news of the sufferingof the world cut right to your core?

We’ve got you covered with some rock solid grounding skills to keep you on an even keel.

Ready to have a bigger impact and make this world a better place?

We are going to rock this planet!

Are your yoga/meditation practices not giving you the results you want?

We’ll create a new powerhouse practice together!

Have you felt the touch of Bliss and Magic and you long for more of that in your life?

Awesome! This will become your every day norm!

Why is this the retreat for you?

The effulgent energies and crystalline air of sacred Lake Atitlan is the perfect place to bask in the bliss of Divine Love and lock in your new personal empowerment practice to change the world!

You’ve got family! There is a whole posse of us who are ready to co-create a magnificent future for ourselves and the planet.

The Altar of the Heart is exactly what you need to get the guidance to make this not just possible, but fun, exciting and extremely potent!

PLUS you’ll experience mystical Mayan ceremonies, life-altering inititations, and delectable, energy-filled, magnificent fresh mountain meals!

Our Temple

Lake Aittlan rests under the watchful eyes of 3 inspiring volcanoes in the southern Guatemalan highlands- steeped in ancient Mayan culture, mysterious lost villages and active energy portals, moody expanses of deep waters, and the rich, simple lives of it’s native peoples.

We’ll spend 7 star-filled nights at a secluded lake-front eco-chic retreat, Villa Sumaya, relishing the slow-food cuisine of Café Sumaya Sol and the healing hands of the Harmony Spa. Sumaya means “long awaited dream” in Sanskrit.

Originally the vacation home of a Guatemalan family, Villa Sumaya has organically blossomed into a healing haven including the adjacent Eco Sumaya Fruit Forest and acres of lakefront property.

Villa Sumaya is featured in Taschen’s Great Yoga Retreats and in a glowing article in May’s Yoga Journal for their retreats, and also their focus on sustainability, organic permaculture gardening, and local village outreach projects, and their Spirit Dog fair trade boutique.

To get a taste of the magic of our

Villa Sumaya, watch the video to the right>>>

Our private crucible of transformation for this week is the Tara Temple, which reigns atop our private 6 room Lotus House.

We’ll have stunning 180 degree view of the volcanic splendor of Lake Atitlán! We’ll shift, open, expand and incorporate the power of this place into our ceremonies and activities.

For your lodging, you’ll enjoy gorgeous, Mayan appointed rooms. Single or double occupancy are available.

You can choose incredibly rich views of the lush semitropical gardens or of Lake Atitlán.


Everything about our meals is home made slow-food.

We’ll nourish our bodies with the eco-epicurean vegetarian based blend of local and international cuisine created from local Guatemalan fruits and vegetables, many of which are grown on site.

Daily fresh baked bread and tortillas, crock pot soups, fresh picked salads, plates of fruit and seasonal vegetable dishes…

It’s no problem if you have special food requirements, they’re happy to accommodate your preferences.

Our dining hall is right on the water, shared with the majesty of 3 mystical volcanoes and the quiet breeze off the lake. You’ll find 30 delicious tea options and organic coffee grown on nearby hillsides, and their famous house made strawberry-ginger kombucha.

Wanting a snack or pick-me-up, just to the juice bar for a fresh smoothie! You’ll also find nutrient packed raw food delights like cocao bliss balls, savory sprouted flax crackers, artisan chocolates and cranberry biscotti.

You’ll love it so much, you’ll want to take home their Café Cumaya Sol e-cookbook!


What can you expect from your week at the

Altar of the Heart?

How about feeling deeply rooted in your personal power and confident in your abilities to create potent change on the planet?

What if you felt so empowered and inspired that when you left the retreat youshifted your life to be and do exactly what you want, exactly what you are here, on this Earth, to do?

What if you had the energy, the knowledge, the community and confidence to do this with ease and grace?

What if you finally launched your new program or business? Wrote your new book, took that trip, bought that house, learned to _______ (fill in the blank).

And then, just because you know you’re here to make a postive difference for the whole world, what if you settled into your new daily practice and began to see changes in the world all around you?

  • You began to witnessmore forgiveness, understanding and love in your relationships.
  • You notice that the crime rates in your area begin to drop.
  • You notice that people are more open, friendly and vulnerable with you.

All of this is possible, and more!

You’ll feel massive freedom from the patterns, wounds and karma that has held you back from being all you can be. Resistance will melt away. You’ll breathe easier, your posture will lift, you’ll want those things that are good and healthy for you!

You’ll feel confident in your ability to create personal and planetary change with the new tools you’vedescovered and nurtured during our 8 days and 7 nights together.

We’re stepping far into new realms of possibility, and having freinds who understand and are right there with you, as co-creators, will help hold you to your true course. You’ll have the option tocontinue to communicate and meet virtually, as a group over the coming months.

You’ll feel that sense of fresh potential for your future.We are waking up! We’re breaking the boundaries of what we thought was possible and creating new possibilities!

And, you’ll be overcome with Love. You’ll be taken to the edge of all you’ve known and be asked to let go into the divine ocean of love that surrounds us all. We’ll open the paths to your heart so you can let in as much love as you want!


The Guatemalan Highlands and Lake Atitlán imbue our time there with ancient wisdom and powerful earth energies. Some Mayan priests consider this area one of 3 major energy votexes on the planet. The other two are Macchu Picchu and the pyramids at Giza.

Ceremony with our Mayan Shaman

The ancient spirituality of this area harmonizes God, humans and nature through ritual and offerings to purify one’s energy and ancestral lineage.

Be prepared to let go of old energy patterns and limitations through this blessing. Offerings of sacred wood, flowers, incense and candles will be made, honoring ancient wisdom and timeless practices.

Gain personal insight and guidance through the ancestors with your private reading with our Shaman!

Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

It’s believed that cacao was first used as a ceremonial medicine and herbal health remedy as far back as 1900 BC by the Olmec people before it became woven into the rutualistic medicine of the Aztec and Mayan people. It represents life and fertility, and was used by the royalty in ceremony to honor the Divine. For us, it is an honoring of the Divine through Love, and an opening of one’s heart.

Your heart will expand as you sip your spiced cacao elixir during our personal cacao ceremony and heart songs with a beautiful Villa Sumaya priestess!

What’s Included

Group transport from Guatemala City to Villa Sumaya

7 nights double occupancy, accomodation at Villa Sumaya Retreat Center (single supplement is available)

Delicious Villa Sumaya vegetarian meals, starting with dinner on day 1 and ending with Brekkie on day 8

Purified water, coffe and tea station 24/7

Powerful daily yoga, meditation and energy cultivation practice

Inner Temple empowerment initiations

Our private Yoga Shala for the week

Heart opening Mayan Cacao Ceremony and heart songs

Traditional Mayan Shaman ceremony

Inlcusion into the Altar of the Heart Virtual Temple cyber ceremonies to preare you for our retreat

What’s Not Included

Flights to/from Guatemala City

Lodging in Guatemala City

Transportation after the retreat ends

Meals outside of Villa Sumaya

Spa services, personal ehaling sessions

Optional excursion and activities

Personal items such as laundry, phone and internet, souveniers

Trip insurance

Gratuities for Staff

Your Guides

Stacy Romillah

When I was in 5th grade, I felt a deep knowing that the world was full of magic and mystery, and yet no one in my small country town was talking about it! So, as soon as I left for college I went in search of my first meditaiton teacher and took my first step onto a path of realizing my full potential.

For nearly 30 years, I explored yoga, meditation and healing with world renowned and local village healers and teachersand have my Masters Degree in Acupuncture.

In 2013 I was at a crossroads. Continue on in my comfortable life or step in to the mystery? I chose to leap into the unknown. Scariest thing I’ve ver done!

I gave away half of my belongings, closed my Healing and Meditation center and went south, into myself. I was on a pilgrimage through pristine mountains, healing waters, heart songs, ceremony and endless beaches of  Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. 

I often felt squeezed, as though through the eye of a needle! Old beliefs and stories that had limited who I was able to be were stripped away, all offered at the Altar of the Heart.  The freedom I now feel is what I want to open up within you!

It’s time for us all to step into our full power, our whole hearts.

“Together, we can create the change we wish to see!”


All my life I have known we are
here for something more.  When I was younger and highly successful, I felt
empty and hollow inside.  I knew there was something else that would fill
my soul and happiness. 

I set free, to follow my spirit and find a deeper soul purpose, what I was here for.  I met many challenging times, and always found a way through, with deeper connection to spirit and life. My prayer is always for God to guide my footsteps, to where I need to be. It is a privilege and honor to be called and to follow the calling. 

I’ve been made whole through the depths of prayer, and sacred power places in Indigenous Australia, to deep caverns, yogis in caves in Greece, Himalayan mountains,  ashrams in India,  water temples and priestesses in Bali, initiations in the temples of Egypt, Kemhet and many personal relationships and guides and mentors all over the world- on the inner and outer realms.

I know there is more to this life. I am here for the new paradigm. It has been a journey through the old, the depths of healing, fragments, lifetimes, re-patterning and healing I have done for myself and others.

With love, joy and compassion I will guide you through powerful, potent, ancient deep healing and open the light, laughter, and creativity to your essential wholeness and highest expression.